Data Recovery Support


Online Data Backup:

A natural disaster or an accident can occur anywhere, anytime and this can harm your stored valuable data. Your data could also be vulnerable to hack and other online threats. These threats comprise with virus, spyware, malware, Trojans, and malware. To opt for a reliable data backup solution is necessary.There are number of options available but the best way is to opt for a reliable mode such as online data backup. Your data will be kept secured because you can manually scheduled backup sessions with us.
How we help?

Techismo’s expert technicians will help you in carrying out the entire important operation effortlessly. We will backup your data on regular basis. You will be having the facility to check your account for accessing your log details. You will get customized solutions which support your personal as well as professional data backup needs.

File Recovery:

Files and folder are often lost due to software issues, virus attacks and system failure. This can be happened both on the PC and laptop.To get rid of seeking technical assistance is the best course of action.We will help you to come out from this crisis situation. Our experts will help you to search, save time, browse and restore the file within second.

We offer support for all:

  • Hard drives
  • USB flash drives
  • Memory Card

System Restore:

Your computer is vulnerable to many online infections. This may cause in Trojans, malware, and virus attacks resulting in several system errors and sudden system crash.If important step is not taken care of immediately then it may result in data loss and cause to damage the system. In this technical task procedure your files and documents will be restored to a previous condition therefore you need technical expert and our experts will instantly start working upon it. 

NTFS/FAT Recovery

NTFS is a term known as New Technology File System. NTFS has superseded the FAT. File Allocation Table (FAT) file system was designed for simple folder structures and small disks. NTFS has several improvements which improve reliability, performance, disk space utilization and others. In fact its features like disk re-parse points, sparse file support, distributed link tracking, file-level encryption and usage quotas have made NTFS a better choice than its predecessors.
Our solutions include:

  • All types of file recovery
  • Recover NTFS data
  • Recover wipe FAT data
  • Dealing with FAT and NTFS file issues
  • FAT/NTFS recovery security


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