Wi-Fi Setup Support


Now-a-days, in this Internet Era, Wi-Fi had made our life easier with its speed. You can move about freely with your computer and work trouble free with the help of Wi-Fi. If it is not done properly it creates a number of issues adding to your frustration. So, to get resolve this issue, just place a call to us and our technicians will get in touch with you to resolve this issue. We provide a better setup and installation of network as per your requirements. Our expert technicians are well versed in this that you might have with your computer.

Our Wi-Fi setup support includes:

  • We work on setup and install new/old Wi-Fi routers, hubs and networks.
  • We also work on connect the right cables between your PC and router.
  • We support configure security and firewalls for your Wi-Fi router.
  • We deals in Scanning and removing IP conflicts within the network devices.
  • Show you how to share folders, drives, files, printers within the network.


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