Parental Control Support


As we know that now days everyone is using Internet even children also they search and surf various things on Internet and they may also get interacted on chats with strangers which may lead to violent behaviour. To know that your child is safe and protected from such threats, it is essential to install Parental Controls.

It is an important process while using Internet security and it helps in keeping a track of Internet usage by your child. It helps in a secure surfing experience for your child.

In this changing world, it is not always possible to keep view on children while using Internet. So, we are offering services to get install Parental Control System in your PC or laptop. WE are available 24×7 for the users; they may just have to place a call regarding this.

How we can help:

We help by installing various filters and security measures such as:

  • Content filters
  • Usage Control
  • Computer Usage Management Tools
  • Monitoring
  • Installing latest version of Parental Controls


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